What is AFTERMATH100?

AFTERMATH100 is a 'not for profit' organisation, and as the name suggests, has been created specifically for the purpose of commemorating, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the signing of The Armistice in 1918, and to highlight the devastating impact on the bodies and minds of its survivors.

One Hundred  years on, and the world is still being torn apart by human conflicts right across the globe, invariably producing the same results as before – death and destruction.

Much is known of the frighteningly high numbers of war dead, but far less is known, or even considered, when it comes to the ‘other’ price of war; the price paid by the survivors.


The physically, and mentally damaged; widows, orphaned children, grieving parents, relatives and friends, all left to cope with the shocking results of war. Financial hardship often added to the almost unbearable burden of grief.

For many, a new kind of war had begun long before the guns fell silent; a war of ill health and poverty, arguably  a war even more difficult to understand.

A land fit for heroes?

Now one century on, the same devastating impact of war is being endured by man, with the same terrible consequencies.

By working together with organisations of a similar nature, we aim to raise awareness of the plight of those affected by war.

To do this we will organise events and exhibitions for the whole community during 2018, by combining education and entertainment in a variety of ways from music, poetry, and art, through to talks, exhibitions and displays.



As wars end, many celebrate whilst others mourn, and it’s reasonable to assume some people do both.

Thankfully, for most of us, it is impossible to imagine the extremes of emotions felt by those who have lived through the horrors of war.

Marking the end of WW1 offers the perfect opportunity for people to celebrate and enjoy the occasion, as many did a century ago. However, we must not lose this moment. We must use it to reflect on the lives lost, and those damaged, and to commemorate their sacrifice. We must also think of those suffering today as a consequence of more recent conflicts.

Some may say mixing celebration and commemoration is like trying to mix oil and water – it doesn’t work; at AFTERMATH100, we believe differently.