Pic 1 - 3 A display of cards in Macclesfield Library - Christmas 2017.  The individual cards featured each name of the 667 men named on Macclesfield cenotaph, who died as a consequence of WW1.

Pic 4 The cards had been used to adorn 'The Lifeless Tree'; a Christmas tree displayed at a previous exhibition held at the United Reformed Church in December, 2017.

Pic 5 Founder of AFTERMATH100 - Trevor Druce.

Pic 6 The Trench.

Pic 8 Barbed wire.

Pic 10 A printing press tribute to the 'Wipers Times.'

Pic 7 A trench brazier.

Pic 9 Gas mask & warning sign

Pic 11 Brazier.

Pic 12 Panoramic view across 'no mans land'.

Pic 13 'The Lifeless Tree' at the United Reformed Church - December 2017.

Pic 14 Why?.. 'The Lifeless Tree' explained.

Pic 15 Inspired by the so-called 'Beast from the East' weather front, and the pitiful thought of soldiers having to stay in their trenches regardless of what was thrown at them by mother nature, this poem was written one afternoon, whilst its author was manning the WW1 Trench Exhibition, at the height of the storm.

One of the many poppy stickers being displayed  in windows of houses where  soldiers  who lived in Macclesfield  who had  fought in the 1st world war. They are at the last known address of the soldier.

Jade Beesley accepting her gift for being the 1,000th visitor to our hugely successful WW1 Trench & Artwork Exhibition. From left to right; Julie Hamer of Incubation Arts, facilitator of the exhibition; Jade Beesley, our 1,000th visitor and Trevor druce founder of AFTERMATH100.