Our WW1 Poppy Display is now well underway, with poppies on show at properties right across the town. Thank you to all, who’ve received a poppy and are displaying it in honour of ‘their’ soldier.


It’s proven to be quite an arduous task with several visits being made to the same properties as many people have been out when we first called.


Sadly, many properties are empty so access is not possible. There are different reasons for this including properties in the process of being sold/bought, and others awaiting new tenants. In these instances we have popped an information sheet through the door, and left the display of the poppy in the hands of ‘the next person through the door’.


Occasionally, a property may be derelict, or under major refurbishment. Unfortunately, in these cases there is very little we can do.

The criteria we are using in deciding where to leave a poppy is as follows, and in this order;


1. The last known address of the individual.

2. The address they are known to have lived at some stage during their life.

3. The address where they were born.

4. The address to where the soldiers’ medals and/or personal possessions were sent after his death.

We will only use one address per soldier.

We accept mistakes are inevitable, but shall do our utmost to keep these to a minimum, and will rectify errors as soon as possible.


The information we have used has been kindly supplied by Rosie Rowley of MacclesfieldReflects website, and H.A.G. Carlisle, author of Not Just A Name.

(A much smaller amount of information has come from other sources.)

Further details of each soldier is available through the website, and/or the book.


Between them, Rosie and Harry have painstakingly spent hundreds of hours researching various documents, census returns, obituaries, newspaper articles, and sometimes directly through family descendants of the fallen.

The stickers, which will bear the name of each soldier they represent, have been kindly sponsored by Fiveclouds Tap & Bottle. 8 Market Place, Macclesfield. Incidentally, this is the former home of James Alfred Joseph Hanna, a Macclesfield soldier. A poppy bearing his name is on display at the pub.


Currently we have almost 400 addresses to which we could allocate a poppy, but due to circumstances previously stated, we are saddened to say a number of them will remain undelivered. However, we are happy to add more named poppies should further reliable information be brought to our attention.


For the soldiers whose details go no further than to offer an address of a property now demolished, or if the house number is unknown, their street will be marked on a large, pre WW1 map of the town. Where possible, we intend to do this for ALL those for whom we have details.

The maps will be on display at various points across the town, starting at the offices of the Macclesfield branch of The Royal British Legion and Monocle Deli, Chestergate. We expect Macclesfield’s Grosvenor Centre to follow shortly after, and two or three other sites to be confirmed, a little time later. The maps will offer a visual indication of the appalling loss of life across the town.







Unfortunately, due to the demolition of many of Macclesfield’s older properties, we are unable to deliver a poppy for many of the men who died; however, thanks to JJ Cookson at Waters Green, there are four exceptions that once lived at, or near the site of their car show room.


The former home of brother’s George & Thomas Duffield of number 8, Edward Fox, number 62, and Thomas Sykes, number 100, no longer exist, but they are commemorated at JJ Cookson’s showroom.


You may also notice three poppies delivered to an address in Prestbury – but they are all brothers and commemorated on Macclesfield Cenotaph; my heart forbid me to leave them out!


After several fruitless visits to some properties on the list, we have resorted to posting the poppy through the letter box, along with an explanatory note. Other properties are private rental and unoccupied, and a few are derelict. The option to display the poppy is a choice for each resident to make; we can do no more than deliver them.


If you happen to see a poppy on display as you wander around the town, please spare a few moments for the man it represents. Imagine the sadness his tragic loss must have brought upon his family and friends……


Maybe the lives we live today aren’t quite as bad as we sometimes like to think.


Trevor Druce – AFTERMATH100


(R = Rosie Rowley at Macclesfield Reflects. H = Harry Carlisle author Not Just A Name. O = Other)


Not all poppies have been delivered for a variety of reasons



Address Name Source of information



Albert Street 4Frank Jubilee Shaw R


Baker Street 3William Mearn H


Barber Street 4Fred Jones H


Barton Street 16Walter Millett H

Barton Street 19William Henry Evans H

Barton Street 19Willie Ashness H

Barton Street 35Jack Start H


Barnett Street 2 Arthur Holt R

Barnett Street 2Harry Kelcey R/H


Barracks Lane 18Wilfred Kitchen R


Barracks Square 13George Lockett R

Barracks Square 19Wilfred Weatherman R


Beech Lane 30Frank Graham Edwards R

Beech Lane 37Cyril Harold Barratt R

Beech Lane 42Herbert Allen R

Beech Lane 43Jack Staniar R

Beech Lane 72Harold De Lisle Coppock R

Beech Lane 81 (Beech Knoll)Geoffrey Heath H/O


Black Road 100David Janes R

Black Road 102George Kirk R

Black Road 104Joshua Harper H

Black Road 124James Colclough H

Black Road 236William Duffield R/H


Blackshaw Street 6Albert William HarrisonR

Blackshaw Street 13Ernest BrocklehurstR


Blakelow Road 10James WalkerR


Bollin Grove 9 (Prestbury)Henry LaffertyH

Bollin Grove 9 (Prestbury)Timothy LaffertyH

Bollin Grove 9 (Prestbury)William LaffertyH


Bond Street 43Benjamin OldfieldR

Bond Street 68Harold GoddardH

Bond Street 108Arthur RowbothamR

Bond Street 118Frank MakinR

Bond Street 134Thomas William HallR

Bond Street 167Horace Arthur SealH

Bond Street 212 George Frederick PiggottR

Bond Street 214Charles McKayR

Bond Street 218William HenshallH

Bond Street Crown InnNorman LeahR

Bond Street Crown InnJohn LeahR


Boothby Street 9Frank StartR


Bridge Street Drill HallRobert NortonR

Bridge Street 96Harold WarrenR


Brock Street 14Wilfred BradleyR

Brock Street 22Edward WardleH

Brock Street 30Harold TaylorR

Brock Street 38Ewart Gladstone RobinsonH

Brock Street 41Duncan BradburyH


Broken Cross 34 Acton PlaceThomas GeeH


Brook Street 41Harold BelfieldR

Brook Street 41Ernest WrightR

Brook Street 65Hugh Mercer DaviesR


Brough Street West 7 Harold GendersR


Brown Street 34John HackneyR

Brown Street 40Ashley PickfordR

Brown Street 61Arthur William NadenR

Brown Street 62Alexander ClarkeO

Brown Street 64James ParrotH

Brown Street 72William Cecil NieldR


Buckley Street 39John Henry DaleH

Buckley Street 41William BroughR

Buckley Street 41Harvey JacksonH

Buckley Street 42Frank MeredithR

Buckley Street 43George DaviesH


Buxton Road 106Joseph WelchR

Buxton Road 225George Roy Fern BlackwellH

Buxton Road 269Harold CoupsR

Buxton Road 294William HammondR

Buxton Road 305Harold ThompstoneR

Buxton Road 384Edgar SmithR

Buxton Rd

Eddisbury Gate FarmErnest WoodwardO

Buxton Road Puss in BootsGeorge EvansR


Byron Street 34Harry WildmanR




Byrons Lane 15Benjamin Cropper Bury R

Byrons Lane 15Dan RoseR

Byrons Lane 33John HodgsonH

Byrons Lane 34Horace Wifred MorleyR


Catherine Street 10Thomas William SavageR

Catherine Street 27Thomas JacksonR

Catherine Street 39Wilfred BoothR


Chapel Street 10Fred NieldR

Chapel Street 10Harry NieldR

Chapel Street 16Frank Avery H

Chapel Street 35Reginald BrocklehurstR

Chapel Street (Lord Byron)George TallentH

Chapel Street (Lord Byron)Winson TallentH


Charlotte Street 29William McCormickH

Charlotte Street 40William StonierH


Charlton Street 9Arthur Leonard ScraggR

Charlton Street 15William Arthur AlbinsonR


Chatham Street 10Samuel ArmstrongR


Chester Road 11Frank AshbyR

Chester Road 27Albert HardingH

Chester Road 46Albert TattonR

Chester Road 47Ernest PottsH

Chester Road 88Albert BirchH

Chester Road 99Arthur ConnorR

Chester Road 137James Nathan NixonR

Chester Road 146Colin Neil CameronO


Chestergate 32Francis WaltonO

Chestergate 30Thomas WellingsR

Chestergate 72Arthur SimpsonR


Churchside 3David ThompsonH

Churchside 17Herbert WhalleyR

Churchside 31Ellis PomfretR

Churchside 31Joseph Ellis PomfretR


Church Street (The Castle)Frederick Allen EastwoodH


Church Street West 17Frank Edward SlaterH


Clowes Street 19Reginald Arthur SellarsR


Coare Street 48Harry JacksonR

Coare Street 61John James CumminsR

Coare Street 68Joseph FoxH

Coare Street 69Fred William WyattR

Coare Street 73Ernest TurnerR

Coare Street 77Bertie NunnR

Coare Street 81Lionel RiddlesworthH


Copper Street 14Samuel Fytton CrowderH


Coronation Street 2Harry CleaverR

Coronation Street 2John Thomas CleaverR

Coronation Street 8Charles SellersR


Cottage Street 15Arthur MottramR


Crompton Road 4Cecil DobsonH

Crompton Road 57Charles Edwin JohnsonR

Crompton Road 67John Edward HarropH

Crompton Road 90James F Clegg R

Crompton Road 126 Frank NewtonR

Crompton Road 157Sydney BrathertonH

Crompton Road 189William SparkesR

Crompton Road 190Richard PottsR

Crompton Road 224Arthur FernyhoughR

Crompton Road 233James StaffordH

Crompton Road 246Samuel BayleyR


Cross Street 1Fred LomasR

Cross Street 32Henry ChadwickR

Cross Street 32Arthur ScraggH


Crossall Street 67Maurice NesbittH

Crossall Street 67Robert William NesbittH


Crown Street West 8Alfred RidgwayH

Crown Street West 8Harry RidgwayH


Cumberland Street 5S ChappellR

Cumberland Street 14Walter BancroftR


Daintry Terrace 1Thomas DavenportR


Dale Street 12Arthur CantrellR

Dale Street 40George Henry KirkhamH


Eddisbury Terrace 18William KirkR


Edward Street 25Walter HeamanR


Foden Street 2William Arthur FloyH


Fowler Street 10John Thomas FloyR

Fowler Street 12Richard PriceH

Fowler Street 22John Hadfield LeesR


Francis Street 16John Edward JonesR


Garden Street 23Mattias Mycroft DavidsonR

Garden Street 24Thomas HodkinsonR

Garden Street 26Arthur Dakin R

Garden Street 29Edward ConnollyR

Garden Street 33George BradshawR

Garden Street 46Alexander WoodH


George Street 15James Sherratt MossR


Glegg Street 5George Alfred CarterR


Grange Road 9Walter HodkinsonR

Grange Road 31Frederick Howard MorrellR


Great King Street 18Henry Edward WhitneyH

Great King Street 20John RobinsonR

Great King Street 108Herbert LeighO


Green Street 8Frank MillwardR

Green Street 62Harry SwaineR


Half Street 4Frank RatcliffeR

Half Street 8James BradburyR


Hatton Street 3Edward EatonR

Hatton Street 10Frank OldfieldH


Higginbotham Green 2Charles ArnoldR

Higginbotham Green 2Alfred SchofieldH


Higher Fence Road 6Joshua MakinH

Higher Fence Road 18Frank NeedhamH


High Street 22Walter WooliscroftH

High Street 38James Leo DavenportR

High Street 38William DavenportR

High Street 114Arley BurgessR

High Street 126Joseph SteeleR

High Street 141Arthur BaileyR

High Street 79Leonard HarropR

High Street 131Frank OwenH

High Street 133Harry AdkinsonH/O



Hobson Street 72George Ernest FinlaysonH

Hobson Street 83Ellis PreeceR


Holland Street 5John SteeleH


Hollins Road 8William BelfieldR


Hope Street 7Harry BullR

Hope Street 7Arthur WhittakerR

Hope Street 12Alfred RowbothamR

Hope Street 13William HallR

Hope Street 16James Ezekiel Cooper R


Hurdsfield Road 36Norman Stanhope TaylorR

Hurdsfield Road 120Bertie HeathH

Hurdsfield Road 191Stanley BradburyR

Hurdsfield Road 223William H CollierR


Jackson Street 11Frank BurgessR


James Street 51Harold Victor JonesH

James Street 53Eldred WardleH

James Street 81Frank ShepherdR

James Street 83William Harold ThornleyR

James Street 87/89Arthur WestwoodR/H

James Street 100David BoothH


John Street 17Frederick WheeltonR


Lansdowne Street 9Sam BirtlesR

Lansdowne Street 17Ralph HuntR

Lansdowne Street 40Alfred SuttonR


Little Street 8Frederick RowsonH


London Road 3George HazeldineR

London Road 13Charles Henry DavenportH

London Road 51William MasonR


Longden Street 1Frederick LuttmanR

Longden Street 11Frederick StonierR


Lord Street 23James Henry WebsterR

Lord Street 40James BarberR

Lord Street 42George Harold PottsR


Lowe Street 3James RoseH


Lyme Avenue 5Fred MoffattO


Lyon Street 19Samuel Thomas OrmeR


Market Place 8James Alfred (Joseph) HannaR

Market Place 11John BroomheadH


Masons Lane 1George DakinH





Mill Lane 33Arthur SlaterH

Mill Lane 57George MooresH

Mill Lane 64Harold George RydingsH

Mill Lane 65William Henry DeanR

Mill Lane 69Ernest CresswellR

Mill Lane 78John Ernest PackH

Mill Lane 79George StanwayH

Mill Lane 92Walter CoxR

Mill Lane 94Walter SimpsonR

Mill Lane 99Joseph Day WaltonH


Mill Road 17Ralph HeapyR


Mill Street 24Gerald James GloverH

Mill Street 26George WardleH

Mill Street 74Norman Mason CollierR

Mill Street 107Lewis MillwardH


Millstone Passage 5Frank CundiffR


Mount Terrace 15 (Black Road)Albert Edward TaylorH

Mount Terrace 17 (Black Road)John RoseH


Nelson Street 1John NuttallR

Nelson Street 17George Victor JonesR


New Hall Street 20Ronald Heathcote CorbishleyR

New Hall Street 37Harold BradburyR

New Hall Street 37Christopher DavenportR

New Hall Street 61William BiddulphR


Newton Street 6Harry BradshawR

Newton Street 29Alfred BartonR

Newton Street 31Ernest NewtonR

Newton Street 39John MasonH

Newton Street 69Albert HirstH

Newton Street 76Thomas SlackH

Newton Street 112Albert Edward FawknerR

Newton Street 179Harold DavenportR

Newton Street 190Ernest FernyhoughR


Nixon Street 14Frederick HandforthR

Nixon Street 17Andrew Edwin ClancyR


Old Meadow 8William BrownH


Oxford Road 63George WalkerR

Oxford Road 88George WardleH


Paradise Street 42Harold BinghamR

Paradise Street 42Albert Victor FinneyR

Paradise Street 62Arthur MakinR

Paradise Street 67George MellorR

Paradise Street 77Percy WilsonR

Paradise Street 87John Fred BuckleyH

Paradise Street 89Charles William CantrellR


Park Green 59Thomas EtchellsR

Park Green 61Arthur CoxR


Park Lane 92Fred HallR

Park Lane 94John Henry TaytonH

Park Lane 105Thomas SkinnerR

Park Lane 129Charles ParrH

Park Lane 146John FindlowH

Park Lane 156Gilbert GoodwinR

Park Lane 157Joseph DownesR

Park Lane 259Geoffrey Woolley ClayeH

Park Lane 264Robert GodwinH

Park Lane 343Hector LomasR

Park Lane 421Walter Blake SanbyR

Park Lane 219Roy MellorR

Park Lane 356Robert MeekO

Park Lane 383William Douglas Victor OldhamH

Park Lane 399Charles Frederick CampbellH


Park Street 13William HallR

Park Street 21Arthur BrocklehurstR


Parr Street 13Harold Barber SchofieldR


Peel Street 32George Frederick JeffreyH

Peel Street 34Reginald George HepplestoneR

Peel Street 41Fred VickerstaffH

Peel Street 64Arthur HurstR

Peel Street 66Robert ManifoldR


Peter Street 226Albert BrandrethH


Pierce Street 83Arthur WilsonH

Pierce Street 87Enoch KinsellaR/H


Pinfold Street 54Fred InskipH


Pitt Street 81Harry DesboroughR

Pitt Street Fox & GrapesCharles SchofieldR


Pool Street 1Herbert TaylorR

Pool Street 17Gilbert HarrisonH

Pool Street 21James BowersR

Pool Street 32Harry WorrallR


Prestbury Road 21Charles BaileyR

Prestbury Road 47Thomas LathamH

Prestbury Road 65George BarberR

Prestbury Road 70Thomas Vernon Coates HooleyR

Prestbury Road 71Thomas Richard RoscoeR


Preston Street West 10James JohnsonH

Preston Street West 14Harold WoodwardR


Riseley Street 8Horace Fletcher MoseleyR


Rodney Street 27Thomas BrownH


Roe Street 13 Ernest FairhurstH

Roe Street 27John Hedley TorrH

Roe Street 31Frederick Augustus GeeR

Roe Street 43Walter SlaterR


Ryle Street 8Harold BrownR

Ryle Street 8James Henry MooresR

Ryle Street 51Joseph ShawR

Ryle Street 51John William D StevensR


Saville Street 25Albert BrindleyH

Saville Street 31Albert BaileyH

Saville Street 58Harry BrocklehurstR

Saville Street 69Edward GeeR

Saville Street 71Charles DawsonR



Shaw Street 13Thomas Sidney LawtonR

Shaw Street 20Albert Edwin CliffeR

Shaw Street 26James Charles HillR

Shaw Street 32David WebbR



St George’s Street 23Harold HazeldineH

St George’s Street 23Ernest BradleyR

St George’s Street 23William BruntH

St George’s Street 32Joseph WeatherbyR

St George’s Street 37Harry HenshawR

St George’s Street 45Albert Edward NewtonR

St George’s Street 57Fred MathersR

St George’s Street 62Charles PownallR


Station Street 7James WeaverH

Station Street 31Herbert BradleyH

Station Street 45John SmallwoodR

Station Street 49Alfred James RussellR


Steeple Street 20Frank ClarkeR


Sunderland Street 29John Thomas CartwrightH

Sunderland Street 29William Henry CartwrightH

Sunderland Street 40Henry Thomas TesterR

Sunderland Street 42A William ByrneH


Tunnicliffe Street 4Arthur JohnsonR


Townley Street 28William James BottomleyH


Union Road 45Charles Redwood DaleR

Union Road 45Frederick James DaleR


Vernon Street 11Frank BarlowR


Victoria Road 43Sydney Rangeley HewittH

Victoria Road 49Henry EdwardsR


Vincent Street 66Edmund HillR

Vincent Street 74Joseph WardleH

Vincent Street 82Harry BoothR


Walker Street 11Thomas BrownH


Waller Street 3James GildayR

Waller Street 3John William GildayR


Wardle Street 10William JohnsonH


Water Street 10Walter HanaghanH

Water Street 20Alfred MellorH

Water Street 52James CampbellR


Waterloo Street West 14George Arnold BelfieldR

Waterloo Street West 14Arthur Edgar SavageR


West Bond Street 8George Brodie HaywoodR

West Bond Street 15Arthur Roland EatonO

West Bond Street 37William Edward Kinder ChesworthR

West Bond Street 54Harold Jardine TravisR


West Street 2John ‘Jack’ Samuel FitchettR


Whalley Hayes 54John Berks GreenR


Whirley Road 85?Sylvester ‘Samuel’ DaleR


Windmill Street 22Charles MitchellR

Windmill Street 30Joseph Wardle H

Windmill Street 82 Harold Goodwin H

Windmill Street 88 Fred Wheelton R