Our WW1 Poppy Display is now well underway, with poppies on show at properties right across the town. Thank you to all, who’ve received a poppy and are displaying it in honour of ‘their’ soldier.


It’s proven to be quite an arduous task with several visits being made to the same properties as many people have been out when we first called.


Sadly, many properties are empty so access is not possible. There are different reasons for this including properties in the process of being sold/bought, and others awaiting new tenants. In these instances we have popped an information sheet through the door, and left the display of the poppy in the hands of ‘the next person through the door’.


Occasionally, a property may be derelict, or under major refurbishment. Unfortunately, in these cases there is very little we can do.

The criteria we are using in deciding where to leave a poppy is as follows, and in this order;


1. The last known address of the individual.

2. The address they are known to have lived at some stage during their life.

3. The address where they were born.

4. The address to where the soldiers’ medals and/or personal possessions were sent after his death.

We will only use one address per soldier.

We accept mistakes are inevitable, but shall do our utmost to keep these to a minimum, and will rectify errors as soon as possible.


The information we have used has been kindly supplied by Rosie Rowley of MacclesfieldReflects website, and H.A.G. Carlisle, author of Not Just A Name.

(A much smaller amount of information has come from other sources.)

Further details of each soldier is available through the website, and/or the book.


Between them, Rosie and Harry have painstakingly spent hundreds of hours researching various documents, census returns, obituaries, newspaper articles, and sometimes directly through family descendants of the fallen.

The stickers, which will bear the name of each soldier they represent, have been kindly sponsored by Fiveclouds Tap & Bottle. 8 Market Place, Macclesfield. Incidentally, this is the former home of James Alfred Joseph Hanna, a Macclesfield soldier. A poppy bearing his name is on display at the pub.


Currently we have almost 400 addresses to which we could allocate a poppy, but due to circumstances previously stated, we are saddened to say a number of them will remain undelivered. However, we are happy to add more named poppies should further reliable information be brought to our attention.


For the soldiers whose details go no further than to offer an address of a property now demolished, or if the house number is unknown, their street will be marked on a large, pre WW1 map of the town. Where possible, we intend to do this for ALL those for whom we have details.

The maps will be on display at various points across the town, starting at the offices of the Macclesfield branch of The Royal British Legion and Monocle Deli, Chestergate. We expect Macclesfield’s Grosvenor Centre to follow shortly after, and two or three other sites to be confirmed, a little time later. The maps will offer a visual indication of the appalling loss of life across the town.