Poppy Display



With historical information provided by Rosie Rowley, administrator of Macclesfield Reflects website macclesfieldreflects.org.uk and Harry Carlisle, author of Not Just a Name, our Poppy Display has begun.


Where possible, a poppy sticker will be placed in a window of the last known address of the soldiers once of Macclesfield, who lost their life as a consequence of WW1.
















Unsurprisingly, a century on and beyond living memory, details of many of those men are sketchy, but we will endeavour to honour their sacrifice in this way, as many individuals as possible.


Firstly, we shall use the last known address of the individual. Where this fails, an address they are known to have lived, or, the house where they were born. Should these options fail, the address to where the soldiers’ medals and/or personal possessions were sent, after the wars end, will be used. But, only one poppy per soldier will be allocated.


We accept mistakes are inevitable, but shall do our utmost to keep these to a minimum, and will rectify errors as soon as possible.


The stickers, which will bear the name of each soldier they represent, have been kindly sponsored by Fiveclouds Tap & Bottle. 8 Market Place, which incidentally, was the former home of James Alfred Joseph Hanna, a Macclesfield Soldier.


For those whose details go no further than to offer an address of a property now demolished, or if the precise address details are unknown, their street (when known), will be marked on a large, pre WW1 map of the town. It is intended to do this for ALL those we hold details of.


The map, with the kind consent of their management team, will be on show in Macclesfield’s Grosvenor Centre, and will offer a visual indication of the appalling loss of life across the town. Further copies will be on display in Macclesfield library, and of course, the local Royal British Legion office on Chestergate.


Currently we have almost 400 addresses to which we can allocate a poppy, and are happy to add to that number should anyone offer reliable information that provides more.


Please email details to info@aftermath100.org